Local Birding
Including the Monongahela and Cheat River valleys, city parks, rural farms and grasslands, and a higher-elevation state forest, there is lots of wonderful habitat in Monongalia and nearby Marion and Preston Counties that hosts numerous bird species.
Up Next


2018 Spring/Summer Events Schedule now available in the on-line newsletter. 

Next Outing are:

Mar. 14: Old Hemlock Foundation: 7 am: Walk an approximately 2 mile loop through the woods at Old Hemlock.  This series of once a month walks from March through July will be a chance to observe migrating birds arriving, establishing territory and breeding on the 232 acres .  We will stop at 10 locations for three minutes and log all birds  Leader: LeJay Graffious 

Mar. 17—Waterfowl Trip, Cheat Lake.  8:00 am at Ruby Ketchy’s Restaurant on Route 857 east of Cheat Lake.  7:00 am if you’d like breakfast first.  Leader: Derek Courtney.

Mar. 24—Woodcock Walk, West Virginia Botanic Garden, Tyrone Road.  7:00 pm.  LeJay Graffious will lead a search for American Woodcocks displaying over the old reservoir from sunset to dusk.  Come join us to witness this amazing spectacle.  Dress warmly and bring a flashlight.  All ages.  Sponsored by the West Virginia Botanic Garden.  Please pre-register online at  For questions related to the WVBG, please call (304) 322-2093.

Mar. 13 Program:  Join us at The Village at Heritage Point for a spring meeting and program on March 13 at 7 pm; everyone is welcome to attend! After a short discussion of recent bird sightings and birds around the Village, WVU graduate student Amanda Hill will give a program, Songbirds as Carriers and Reservoirs for Vector-Borne Disease  

Saturday, April 7–Mountaineer Audubon Annual Spring Banquet Speaker: Patti Reum  Details in the Spring Newsletter.     Registration Required


If you have an idea for an outing or program,  please submit for consideration to


Get Involved

We are looking for board members who are interested in growing the sport of birding in the Morgantown area. You do not need to be an expert at bird identification. There are many ways to support the Mountaineer Chapter of National Audubon. If you are interested, drop an email to