Local Birding
Including the Monongahela and Cheat River valleys, city parks, rural farms and grasslands, and a higher-elevation state forest, there is lots of wonderful habitat in Monongalia and nearby Marion and Preston Counties that hosts numerous bird species.
Up Next
June 29- Birds and Beer 5:30- Bird walk 6:30- Beer (Beverage of Choice) Lakehouse for Birds & Beer. We will walk at Ridge Way Farm at 5:30 and Lakehouse at 6:30 The farm is less than a mile from Lakehouse At the farm we will probably see sparrows, orioles, bluebirds, kingbirds, hawks, waxwings, vireos and maybe parula warbler. If you can not make the walk, join us to socialize at the Lakehouse. A screech owl from ACCA will be present for selfies.
Get Involved

We are looking for board members who are interested in growing the sport of birding in the Morgantown area. You do not need to be an expert at bird identification. There are many ways to support the Mountaineer Chapter of National Audubon. If you are interested, drop an email to